Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Just keep crafting!

We've been crafting like crazy this week, painting our salt dough decorations, crocheting snowflakes, cooking up delicious-smelling soaps and cakes...and worrying about candle supplies that still haven't arrived! However, there's been plenty else to do so yesterday's miserable afternoon was spent making Christmas cards instead! It always takes a surprising amount of time to hand-make cards - not sure that twenty will go that far at the fairs this weekend, but everything counts, right?


If you're interested in purchasing some handmade Christmas cards, or cards of any sort in fact, head on over to our cards page, get some inspiration for a bespoke card or stationery and let us know what you'd like at!

Prices start at £1.50 per card, and all proceeds go directly to Aspire.

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