Monday, 5 December 2011

We pop our Craft Fair cherry!

Last week's orgy of crafting continued at a ridiculous pace.  We made jams, lemon curd and relish...

...and sparkly scented soaps!

We had our first stall at Adel Primary School's Christmas Fair on Saturday.  We took a grand total of  £65 over the two hours of the fair, selling our cards, cupcakes, soaps, salt dough decorations and preserves.  We were quite happy with this, considering one of the other stall holders we spoke to said she'd only taken £2.50!  Here's some pictures of stall in action.

Sarah also took our stall to the Hollybush Christmas Fair on Sunday (Sophie was off talking about robots at the Science Museum in London) - and took another £69.50.  Add to this another £11 for the cupcakes, salt dough decorations and relish sold to our friends and family, our grand total for the weeked came in at £145.50.

We've also received lots more generous donations from Keith & Lorna, Alice, Penny and Alex & Jem - thanks to all of you we've now exceeded £500 towards our total...that's one seventh of the way!

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  1. Well done! You both look look like you have been mega busy crafting away, glad your hard work paid off. All the products look fab, love the sparkly soaps especially, I wish you were at some of the craft fairs down here! Will send a donation soon too, keep on swimming! X x