Monday, 20 August 2012

We did it!

We really did! On a gloriously sunny Friday, we set off from Dover, swam for fourteen hours and fifty-nine minutes, and touched France just after 4am! We'll do a proper swim post, but before we do, we have a very long-overdue update and a truck-load more thank yous!

22nd June - 2 mile Great North Swim - sadly, our swim was postponed because of hideous weather, but we persevered and went for a frankly apocalyptic swim in Derwent Water. 'It's okay, there are no powered craft on Derwent Water' announced Garnet confidently, shortly before a ferry chugged past us. Amazing. Unfortunately because of the 30mph winds and torrential rain our tent flooded, our sleeping bags got drenched and after deliberating for hours with the tent whacking us in the faces, we decided that we couldn't stay. But we kept smiling! 

26th June - we hit our target of £3500!

2nd July - Liverpool Triathlon - Sophie and Phurba supported Garnet at the triathlon and squeezed a few more pounds out of some soggy Liverpudlians!

14th July - bag packing at Allerton Road Tesco in Liverpool - we raised another £337.74, thank you, shoppers!

This got our fundraising up to £4,023.87!! Naturally, curry, wine and cocktails were required to celebrate!

Three weeks left until the swim...we were very excited!

We were also overwhelmed by the donations up until the swim - thank yous go to Loga, Helen, Glynis, Richard the Chemic fiddler, Michael, Heather, Jamie, Jeff and the consultant who checked Sophie wasn't going blind after suffering the side effects of some exciting seasickness medication!

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